One deceived salesman

I heard the truth was different from what I know

I heard you laughing as did Romeo

But then, again, there is a dirty flow

in which you roll

and roll

and all your sides

enrapture all the vile vibes

but you do not divide

you’re whole

I’m mesmerized

But I won’t try

to get you out

because I tried once

and it suck me down

and more – you sold me out

and down

you sold me down the river

and it was for months that I shivered

and yet

I am in debt

for I preferred your cigarettes

to other more vigorous assets .



Artwork by Januz Miralles 






It comes in portions, potions for the tired brain.

I dig my hands and toes in the current,

trying to maintain.

And I fix myself another drink

to avoid the pictures behind my eyes when I blink.

And I’ll have to cover all the white sheets with men and ink –

to prove my capacity to not and to think.

Your scenes have blackened my eyes

And I only live to acquire another vice.

And all the sad songs are lullabies

And all the memories are morning cries.

And it was never part of the plan

to be more far away than

a plane drifting to an unknown land.

 January 2017 

by Clint Brown

as of now

Maybe someday we could take

our time,

and I could show you this love of mine.

And you could use your words

so fine,

and nothing would leave us blind.

We’ll run on the pavement of clouds,

and lowly we’ll leave our doubts.

And nothing will fool us false.

I want to forever be close.

To you.

But the droplets still leave tracks

on our faces,

This ground is cold and so faithless.

My love – it crumbles and shakes in.

The eyes are not fooling,

now face it.

We walk in the puddles of loss,

so mistaken.

Highly regarded as fading.

And all that we love is of now changing.

Directions are flowing, don’t blame me.

                                                                 June 2015

james flames25

a changing clarity

I am a changing clarity,

but I cannot be pure as sanity.

Wave in me,

out of the everyday scrutiny.

Somewhere where the shores are endless,

where actions cannot be helpless.

The need,

it pours in my veins.

It’s ripping me.

But I cannot get over your dignity.

I’m below the lowest I can get.

                                       July 2014

by Laura Marii
by Laura Marii


You are priceless

but you’re not faultless.

You are the embodiment

of the human sin.

And your soul twists

itself with a grin.

Your body is pain

covered with skin.

It is all so natural,

right and factual.

But the wind still pushes

your head to the sea.  why?

what do you think it means

to be free.

If not letting the world

touch you gently…                       July 2014


Pele Meets the Sea by John Foster
Pele Meets the Sea by John Foster

don’t go chase the wind.

Don’t run too fast. Not far, there’s a chasm. Close your eyes, you’ll feel where the pain comes from. So to remove that ugly wrecker and then become…

On the top of the highest hill I sat.

The clear air, the rope I needed to beware.

But then the wind grew sharp, as your words

And cut me loose, it’s my other side you educed.

Only a whisper was heard on my behalf.

The echo of my memories’ laugh.

                                                                          December 2013

photo source: tumblr
photo source: tumblr


I made a big mistake –

Let things roll their way.

Rolling ‘till the end of my reality.

Stop in the valley of insanity.

And I don’t want to remember, but

I neither forget. I only feel my mind in debt

to something that is not yet.

What else would you like to take?

If I still have a life left to live,

Could we make it feel like a myth?

I see, you take my spirit.

                                                    April 2014

by Tomasz Wieja
by Tomasz Wieja

need not

He needed not clear his heart for he knew what was inside of it.

He needed to clear his head.

She tried to help. But

her words left only rehearsed and the meaning was not meant to be accepted.

‘If that’s what you want’, she spoke, ‘well, you can have it. I don’t want to sail against high tides or fly in a windy sky.’

And he let it all slip.

The way it never was.                                                                   March 2014

source:  tumblr
source: tumblr


Have you no idea that I am in deep? Or you wonder where’s that place?
You smile? I suppose it’s because you know we are the same.
Our state where hate is love and love is hate.
Where words are music. And music is just a sound in the presence of your words.
I am here now. Just tell me when you want to come.
I may not be like her.
Most people don’t like me.
But I know what I am.
And I know what I am not.
I don’t need opinions to create myself.
I need you to listen to me.
I need you to construct me.
Simply you.
Because I am an old ship that has travelled much.
And I need repair, not freshening.
I need you to remove some parts.
Absorb me.
Do not let me travel broken.
We encountered for a reason.
And I know I am a lot to handle.
I am myself a quarrel, but I’m not a scandal.
Sometimes I need to be taken control of.
Because a ship cannot be pulled off.

February 2014

Tempestuous by Melissa Hartley
Tempestuous by Melissa Hartley