Have you no idea that I am in deep? Or you wonder where’s that place?
You smile? I suppose it’s because you know we are the same.
Our state where hate is love and love is hate.
Where words are music. And music is just a sound in the presence of your words.
I am here now. Just tell me when you want to come.
I may not be like her.
Most people don’t like me.
But I know what I am.
And I know what I am not.
I don’t need opinions to create myself.
I need you to listen to me.
I need you to construct me.
Simply you.
Because I am an old ship that has travelled much.
And I need repair, not freshening.
I need you to remove some parts.
Absorb me.
Do not let me travel broken.
We encountered for a reason.
And I know I am a lot to handle.
I am myself a quarrel, but I’m not a scandal.
Sometimes I need to be taken control of.
Because a ship cannot be pulled off.

February 2014

Tempestuous by Melissa Hartley
Tempestuous by Melissa Hartley

Attack on soul

Just don’t hold anything against me. Unless you decide to be with me. You left the room with my candles still burning and your thoughts yet mourning. I put on your smell and lit a cigarette. I didn’t want to let us both go to waste. Linger on. Fragments. It was all so so nigh but we played each other goodbye. Rudely honest. Full Moon. Half Life. Sleepless hours. Only lights. There was the kind of shit from our fragmented past that we kept behind our teeth. We guarded it, not to interfere with the totality of our common present.

Richard Avedon,  The Comforts
Richard Avedon, The Comforts