you were saying

the waves never change their colours
the sky contains its perfection
but the horror
the horror it changes
it takes different forms and shapes
colours and sounds
words and pictures
it occupies water and air
it could become anything
it could be every thing.

                       December 2013

slash or swat

go find someone else, who am I?

I am a dream in a dream with a smile.

and the windows are wide open and the sun has faded but I am a fire in my oblivion for the night is light, burning my time.

trying to think there’s something more, but it never comes.

walk outside tomorrow and buy a brand new day

but nothing really makes any sense in the separation of the sky.

I am your ignorance of life.

My life should not be a riot for you.

Anyway, I am not going anywhere I was before.

I am losing my fleeting time, awaiting you on the shore

but you reinvented your direction,

boy, you are major and minor key

Just open up a chord,

don’t let it all be loss.

December 2013

source: tumblr originally by Costantino Giro
source: tumblr
originally by Costantino Giro


I left you nonplussed. Didn’t I?


I am a veil of smoke that you can purge in an exhale.

I want everything to be pure.

Like naked poetry.

Or blank page.

Where everything is clear.


Goodbye, friend.

Hello, lover.

I may be ‘deeply romantic in my nature’,

but I am not naïve.

I already burnt my lips of talking.

It’s your turn.

Don’t just observe how I burn.

Embodiment of spoken words.

How I feel fine? I don’t.


you are ephemeral as a fad.

                                       December 2013

source: tumblr (Alison Mosshart)
source: tumblr (Alison Mosshart)

eat me

The world fed me with horror.

I ate everything on my plate – even doubled.

In the restaurant I called for excitement – more.

Life gave me its heart but I just walked out the door.

I wanted purity, not truth.

So I went to another door,

knocked, because the doorbell was nowhere near,

broke my fingers while trying to make everything clear.

I tortured my body

to cure my soul.

I fired the future

to live only with the old.

                                 December 2012

source: pinterest
source: pinterest


she feels so tired, as if she went to the end of her life and got back here. she sits here now, pale face, damaged mind, trying to cancel her life, or at least to cancel what’s creeping from the past.

life is what you make it. if you make it a burden then you better get strong so as to be able to carry it.

it never gives you easy answers. like he never gives her time to be.

he is ephemeral as a fad.

However, even in his hate there’s more passion than in most of the people she has ever met.

December 2013

by Margarita Georgiadis
by Margarita Georgiadis